I was talking to my twelve year old son in the car one day on my way to taking him to school. I had mentioned to him that I was thinking about taking the summer off from cooking. He looked at me amazed. He was confused. He said, ” How are we going to eat?” “Well,” I said, “we would order food for dinner that you guys like to eat and I would buy some food that you can eat for breakfast and for lunch.” My son paused and said, “Mom, we can’t eat out too much because it would cost too much money and it wouldn’t be as healthy.” I told him he had a point. He added, “besides, you are a very good cook.” At that point, I said that I was the only cook. I was frustrated (again). I didn’t want to be the only cook. I wanted a reprieve from cooking. Plus, I was gaining weight. All of this, of course, I was thinking in my head. Then he said pensively, “Mom, isn’t cooking like a job?” I said, yes. He said, “Isn’t it a task that you have to do because you stay at hom http://amplify.com/u/a14ppl