I don’t believe that any food should be hands-off. I think that is when people start craving more of something that they perceive as “bad”. There are no “bad” foods. However, I do believe that not all foods are beneficial to your body. Chips, cookies, soda’s…what “value” do they have for our body? They taste good and should be eaten less often than foods that are more beneficial to you (e.g. leafy green vegetables, fruits, lean meats, etc). We know what to eat!!! Moderation is key to creating a healthy lifestyle; that includes eating well and exercising. 

Today, I made cheese biscuits and turkey bacon for breakfast. My recipe is filled with butter. It is flaky and delicious. In the past, I would make large biscuits. I cut the batter in half and placed the half I wasn’t using this morning in the refrigerator for tomorrow and I made the biscuits smaller. There were 6 small biscuits for my children and husband to eat. Tasty and less calories! http://amplify.com/u/anrr1