A Cooks Kitchen

Kitchen-PantryIt is 6:44 a.m. Sunday morning CST.  I’ve made buttermilk biscuits, dinner rolls for pulled pork and waffle mix for breakfast.  All homemade and ready to eat once everyone awake from their sleep.  Did I mention…my son has three friends over for a sleepover?  I got up early  (as I normally do) to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If I don’t, there is “nothing” to eat.  Well…not totally true.  I realize that my kitchen doesn’t have prepared packaged foods in the freezer or the pantry that my family can reach and microwave for themselves.  However, I do have in my freezer frozen breakfast sausages for those who want to eat them with their breakfast and Boca burgers (for myself).   If there are no leftovers, I have to cook.  Of course, I utilize what I have in the refrigerator to prepare for the next couple of days.  It is no wonder that I am often feel like I don’t want to do anything.  A cook’s kitchen is a lot work.  I have all the essentials to create almost any meal I want but I have to prepare it.  I have a well-stocked pantry.  I buy meat for a day or two.  So, the meat is pretty fresh.  I like fresh ingredients in my food that I eat and share with family and friends.  I really believe it is because of this insistence for fresh foods that my family and I rarely get sick.  I like to keep it that way.

It is cheaper in the long run to maintain a cook’s kitchen but it isn’t easy nor convenient at times. I would like to make it more convenient for me.   The bottom line is I can’t afford packaged goods as a mainstay for my family’s meals.  So, I’m over it.  It just mean that I have to be more organized.  I need to know what my day/week is like and I prepare for it in advance.  I am an early morning person.  This is to my advantage.  I wake up early to prepare the essential part of a meal like bread or salad.  I use the crock pot as much as possible to create one pot dishes.  Sometimes the dish lasts for a couple of days.  When making bread, I use my bread maker only to make the dough.  From the dough, I can form it into dinner rolls, pizza dough, French bread or the like.  Not too hard…but again, it requires organization and the right tools.  If I had to make everything from scratch without my tools (bread maker, mandoline, etc), I would not cook.  So, invest in tools you will use.  It will make all the difference!

I’ve learned that everything is hard…everything that is worth it, I mean.  Good health is worth it!