A Lesson Learned In Early Spring Cleaning

I am a pleased woman.  There is nothing like having a home that is organized.  Now…I am not overboard.  I have friends who are better than me at this organization stuff.  I look at them and say, “I wish I could do that”.  It will never happen because I have other things in my life to do like basketball tournaments, swim meets, book club, etc.  Sometimes I covet them knowing all along I will never do it their way because I am not made that way.  So, I am now comfortable in my skin; I know what I am capable of doing and all is well in my “organized” home.  You have to know your level of tolerance before comparing yourself with others.  Each year I am better. I am okay with that. 

All of this organization is due to a water leak in my master bathroom toilet.  I’m glad I took advantage of this opportunity to make life easier by doing some hard work.  It is amazing how just imagining doing the work makes you feel exhausted before you scrub one floor or organize one drawer; you’re out before the start!  But once you do it, it’s like “what was I thinking? This is great!” 

When handling a project of any kind, focus on the end more and not the process; maybe that will get you started.  This was a lesson learned!