A New Beginning

change3When I started this blog many years ago, it was my intention to learn how to cook for my family.  I could barely boil eggs at the time.  But time has passed.  I learned how to cook and I enjoy it.  It is my form of creativity.  What I love most about cooking is serving food to people I enjoy being with and with whom appreciates my gift to them.  Cooking is a form of gift giving to me wrapped in joy.

My family has changed too over the years. My eldest daughter graduated from college in May of this year.   My son graduated from high school in May, 2017 and will attend college in August.   My marriage to my college sweetheart ended.  I sold our old home.   I bought a new townhome in a community I enjoy (no more shoveling or mowing—hallelujah!).  A lot of changes in what seems to be a short period of time.  It is amazing how when change stares you right in your face you deal with it.  There is no time to waste.  You plan.  You do.  It’s done.  Now what? This is where I find myself today.  Creating lists, crossing them off and moving forward.  I am working on fully embracing my new life.  I take deep breaths every day.  I inhale the experience and exhale gratitude.  I know I am blessed. 

I have struggled with the concept of what family looks like when my marriage ended. It was the world we created while married. What I have learned about family (whether the parents reside in the same house or not) is that they remain a family; the children, in this case, have the same loving parents who happen to live separately. I guess what I was missing was creating the memories together as one family. What I have learned was the love for the children never changes just the memories created by each parent with the children separately. This was something I had to become comfortable with; I didn’t have the full picture of my children’s experiences only what I created for them.

What is next for me with this blog? Well, I still cook. I still have a family and I entertain. There is so much more to learn about cooking. Cooking forces me to pay attention and to be in the moment. My goal is to stay present; to appreciate the time I spend with others, to share my love for good conversation over a glass a wine or a cup of coffee with a homemade goodie. That’s the life for me!

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