A Simple Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Delicious and Easy To Make!

Today I made a delicious sandwich for the kids for lunch.


One loaf of French bread

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 cans of chicken breast in water

Ranch dressing

Pickle relish

6- 1/2 slices of cheese (of your choice)



1.  I had left over french bread that I made the day before.  I took that loaf of bread and split it in half. 

2.  I drizzled extra virgin olive oil over both slices of bread and toasted it in the oven for about 2-3 minutes. 

3,  While the bread was being toasted, I used two cans of chicken breast in water (I bought it from Sam’s Club.  It comes in 5-6 cans for about $9–I think), Ranch dressing, parmesan cheese and pickle relish.  I mixed it together in a bowl. 

4.  Once the bread was toasted, I added six half slices of cheese on one half of the bread and spread the chicken mixture on the other half of the bread. 

5.  Place both slices of bread with cheese and chicken mixture in the oven to toast for about 2 minutes

6.  Take it out the oven and add lettuce.  Cut sandwich in individual portion size. 

Delicious and easy!  Try it, I think you (and the kids) will love it.

Footnote:  Remember the ingredients listed takes into account your taste.  A little bit of this…a little bit of that is all that I prescribe.