Birthday Wishes


Today is my birthday.  I am not alone.  I’ve learned that I share a birthday with George Clooney, Actor; Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister, Orson Welles, Actor and Lynn Whitfield, Actress (to name a few) .  My best friend in high school, Sharon, also shares my birthday.   I am in pretty good company.  Although only one person that I mentioned who shares my birthday is no longer living, it is encouraging to know that I am aging with others.

I know that I am not alone in this aging process.  It seems as though (at times) I am alone.   I’ve become too focused on how much time I have left (presuming that I am fortunate enough to live a long life—90 or 95 years old).  The truth of the matter is no one knows no matter the age.  So, if you are fortunate to share my birthday with me today, my birthday wish to you is to treasure your life, invest in yourself and those you love and focus on today as tomorrow is not promised.

Happy Birthday!