Cholesterol and Your Kids

In preparation for the beginning of school, my kids had their yearly dentist and medical checkups in August.  My 13-year-old daughter (the swimmer) and my nine-year-old son (the football and basketball player) know the annual ritual well.  At the dentist, we have their teeth cleaned and check for cavities.  Their physician checks the weight, height, hearing and eyes.  This is also the time that they receive any updated immunizations.  Of course, the shots are always stressful for the kids because no one wants to be poked with a needle.  Matter-a-fact, my son was so concerned that he was getting a shot that his blood pressure was on the "high" side.  Once he found out that it was not his year to get a shot, he was relieved. The nurse later retook his blood pressure and it was normal. 

This year I added to the ritual a blood test.  I realized that I never had received any information on their cholesterol levels.  I was not sure what I was going to find.  Both of my children are physically active and eat (relatively) healthy meals (although I could provide them with more vegetables).  Both are also very thin especially my son. I received their cholesterol level reports within an hour. My daughter’s levels were normal and my son was on the high side (197). I was shocked! I realize that I have to change things–not only for my son but also for the entire family.

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