Confused About What To Make For Dinner…

I’ve often felt like this baby: Confused every time I think about…. what to make for dinner. I think about cooking the first time I roll out of bed. I have no plans. I just know that the people in my home (my husband and two children) will be hungry and for some reason I am the only one who is the chief chef. Matter-a-fact, the only reason why I think about food so early in the morning is because it is my best time (5:30-6:00 a.m.) to have a clear mind and a good attitude to cook. I am not particularly hungry this time of morning (especially for dinner) so I am less likely to overeat.

I work from home and have ample time to plan a meal. But sometimes, I get “lost” in a project and simply do not “feel” like cooking. That is when I panic. “Father Time” then becomes my enemy as I am always racing to pick up my daughter from middle school and my son from elementary school to take them to their respective appointments (piano, basketball practice, swimming practice, etc). All awhile knowing that a healthy meal has to be made (and eaten in the car) instead of purchased at a fast food restaurant. So, there goes my dilemma. How to plan healthy meals and snacks for a busy family of four? It isn’t just a “how” question that I seek but also a “what” question. What meals will I make that would be interesting to all and not so time consuming? Sometimes I get bored with what I make and I loose interest in the ritual of cooking on a daily basis (leftovers are sometimes frown upon in my family).

I want healthy meals and snacks for my family. I want to make sure that we live proactively through good health by being kind to our bodies; being conscience of what we consume in quality and quantity. Of course, exercise is key to good health as well. With that said, I want to change my habits and become more organized with my meal planning for my family. Blogging would be a good way for me to document my challenges and successes and hopefully, learn from others who are in the same boat as I find myself in. In this journey, I am hopeful that I will save time, spend less money and create a healthy environment for my family.