Creating Home Cooks In My Family: A Resolution for 2010

I think I got it! I am confident that I can make a meal with a recipe (sounds stupid, but there was a time when I couldn’t make a cake from a box. Go figure?!) and I can improvise a recipe based on what I want it to be. Confidence is crucial to everything including the ability to cook. I spent so much of my time thinking about what to make that I created a “hole” that I must get out of. In my efforts to become a good home cook, I have not engaged other members of my family to become home cooks. There must be more than one cook in the house. It becomes insane when everyone is waiting for you to make something for dinner, lunch, breakfast. You begin to resent it even though you may love to cook. Since I make most meals from scratch, no one seems to be able to find anything to eat. When I look in the refrigerator or the cupboards, I see plenty to eat and to create. I want my family to do the same. Maybe not with the same vigor as I, but I want my family to cook for others in the family as I do for them. This is my resolution for 2010–help create other home cooks in the family using simple meals and building upon them. Chicken, turkey and fish will be the base of our meat selection. Rice, potatoes, lettuce, green beans, sweet peas will be the basic starch and vegetables that they will use. Of course, having handy a plethora of spices is key to the cupboard as well as flour (non-bleached/non-bromated). Another added resource is bacon. Bacon has been useful in side dishes and as the main course. It doesn’t take a lot to add flavor. I keep it in the freezer.

I gained a lot of weight in the past couple of years. I love to eat as much as I love the process of cooking. I need to balance my “hobby”. I have been exercising regularly. Unfortunately, I expend less energy than I take in (A calorie is a calorie is a calorie). Having other people cook will help my efforts in getting in shape.  It will also provide another skill set for my children ages 10 and 14.  It would be shameful of me if I allow them to leave my house when they go to college and not know how to cook (at least the basics).  That will not be tolerated!