Do Your Part and Make A Difference

Thank you @ZeusBizNews for this read. I agree. We can all do our part in living a greener life and save money too. I haven’t participated in a clothing swap. Maybe I will at my next book club (@themochaclub.

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Do Your Part: Little things make all the difference

Most of us have heard about all the big ways we can lead greener lives.

We can do everything from buy a hybrid car to install solar panels on our roofs. However, there are also small ways to Do Your Part everyday that really can make all the difference in the world. Remember, at the core of ‘going green’ is simply to use less stuff and extend the life of what you already have. And, just because you want to start doing more with less, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. I’ll share a few of my recent finds.

This year, I was invited to a clothing swap party. Guests brought a minimum number of gently used clothes that they no longer wanted.

Clothes were sorted by type — accessories, boots, dresses, jeans, etc.

No money was exchanged and all the leftover clothes were taken to a battered women’s shelter. Sharing fashion and a glass of wine with friends is fabulous … and eco-friendly!