Financial Diet In Progress

It’s December 7 and I am doing fine on my financial diet.  I am writing checks and logging my purchases (something I normally do) instead of using my debit card (something I did more frequently without logging my purchase–bad habit).  I am thinking twice before I purchase anything.  Do I really need this?  If I purchase this, will I have enough money to do the other things I need to do in December?  The answer is normally “no”.  So, I stop and take it back if it is in my cart.  It’s hard living on cash :).
In my journey to create financial peace, I realize that my biggest culprit for overspending is Sam’s Club. It also caused a wider waist line.  I bought more (for less), cooked more and ate more.  In my quest for savings and to ensure I stocked my freezer and pantry, I not only harmed my wallet I also gain more weight.  Not good!  I believe that Sam’s Club is very beneficial for a family of four when purchasing the staples: flour, milk, eggs, cheese, detergent, bleach, paper products, etc.  However, I do think for watching your waist line and your pocket book, it is important that produce should be purchased fresh and that meat in particular should be used minimally and in smaller portions.  I should concentrate my efforts on buying the best product I can afford and concentrate on the quality of the product and not the quantity.  By doing so, I will create a healthier family and I will keep more money in my pocket.  I know my husband would love this.