Fries, Fries and More Fries and Other Non-Homemade Stuff

I ate fries yesterday. I baked them and they were great! I hadn’t had them in such a long time. I dipped them in a small amount of catsup and I didn’t need to add salt because there was enough on the fries already from the manufacturer. Of course, the kids loved them. There is some pleasure in having contractors in your home…

Since the contractors have overtaken my home, cooking isn’t usual. Eating homemade sandwiches and chips has been the menu of the day. Until yesterday, I went to Sam’s Club and bought some family-styled dishes that were made by their employees and sold to customers at a reasonable price. I bought chicken fettuccine and hors’ oeuvre-style spiral sandwiches; they were very good. I ate the spiral sandwich and the others ate the chicken fettuccine (too much Alfredo sauce for me). Tonight, they had Lasagna.

I found it hard to buy ready-made dishes because it cost too much. I can always make it better and cheaper. I am always concerned about the ingredients; I want to make sure that my children are able to read what is included in the meal they are about to eat. It isn’t the case when purchasing items that are premade.

I think it would be best if I just had an array of fruit and vegetable slices and baked a chicken.  It would be easier and heathier for my family.  Having the baked fries wasn’t so bad.  It became a nice treat for all of us.  So, I don’t feel as bad about that.  There is about two more weeks left in this contruction.  Maybe, I will find more quick healthy options for my family.