Happy Thanksgiving!


My family and I are spending time alone this holiday. Unlike the many Thanksgiving celebrations in the past, we didn’t invite all our friends and extended family to our home for dinner. There won’t be loud noises of people talking and children laughing. There won’t be the “dreaded” piano holiday recital my children had to perform for our guests after dinner. There will be the four of us together: me, my husband, son and daughter; my daughter who will (this time next year) may or may not come home for Thanksgiving because she will be in her first year of college. This I know so well as I (when in college) did not return home my first Thanksgiving. First of all, it was too expensive to travel from Syracuse, NY to Cleveland, Ohio for a “short” visit. Secondly, I wanted to spread my wings for I was on my own for the first time. I saved my money for Christmas to return home; so, this maybe the case for my daughter.

So, I’m reveling in the fact that we are (at least) together for one more Thanksgiving. I will cook the normal Thanksgiving feast and enjoy my day with my family. I am thankful for that.