Healthy Breakfasts

I am not making the most healthy breakfast in the morning for my family.  My husband loves bacon and/or sausage.  I limit two slices each for the kids if they choose to eat it.  I don’t eat bacon as I would eat too much.  I haven’t eaten bacon or sausage for breakfast in such a long time; I don’t have a desire for it.  Now, I do add bacon in dishes (e.g. rice pilaf or sometimes my version of fried rice) but I don’t like it to be my only source of protein.

So with my family, I make bacon, eggs and cheese pita sandwich (on weekends and only for the “boys”), pancakes and bacon, banana bread, coffee and/or juice, cereal and milk and oatmeal (my 10 year old son loves it).  My dilemma is I want my family to eat a hearty breakfast that would last until the next meal or snack but I don’t want it to be so high in fat and cholesterol (and something that they will eat and be satisfied–yogurt and granola won’t do it).

Do you have any ideas?  I will work on creating a healthy breakfast for my family.  In the meantime, checkout this video. I will include some of her suggestions in my breakfast menu.