Hurricane Sandy

The political pundits have been looking for the “October surprise”.  I guess we got it:  Hurricane Sandy.  Amazing the destruction; the uprooting of lives and the horror it must have been to see waves of water and fire destroy everything.  My prayers and thoughts are to all who were in the grips of Hurricane Sandy.  I pray that you are restored whole!

I talked with my mom who lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  She hasn’t had lights or heat for the past couple of days.  The power is expected to turn on by Sunday.  This was all due to the hurricane.  She is now emptying her refrigerator and buying ice so that not all her food will spoil.  Hopefully, she will have lights (way) before Sunday!  The aftermath of Sandy is not only inconvenient, it is also cold and dark where my mom lives.  This is scary for a 71-year old woman.  I feel helpless.  Not much I can do.