I Got My Freekeh On!

FREEKEH Freekeh refers to a process rather than a type of grain. They are immature green wheat kernels that have been smoked. They are chewier than other wheat berries, with a pronounced grassy, smoky flavor.

I went to Super Target yesterday looking for Wheat Berries to make a salad.  They didn’t have it.  Instead, I found a couple of grains.  One of which I heard of before but never used, Farro, and the other was Freekeh; I never heard of it before and I was enticed by the name.  It is pronounced free-kah.  It looked like bulgar.  So I thought I could use this type of grain to make a salad.  OMG!!! It was/is great!!!!  I made Freekeh, Chickpeas and Herb Salad.  I got the recipe from the New York Times’ cooking section.  Here is the recipe:  https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017122-freekeh-chickpea-and-herb-salad.

I did not have all the fresh ingredients that it called for so I used what I had.  I used dried parsley, red onions, dried garlic (I had frozen garlic but decided not to use it), cumin, olive oil and fresh lemon.  The one thing I did differently  (after rinsing the can chickpeas) was that I roasted them in olive oil and cumin in a pan and then added it to the salad.  It was so tasty!!!!!!  You should try it.

You can add the salad on top of spinach leaves (or any green leafy vegetable) and you have a great dinner or lunch.

The best part about freekeh is its nutritional value.  It is low in carbs, high in fiber, high in protein and has a low GI (glycemic index).  You might like this as much if not more than quinoa.  Let me know your thoughts.