I Love Tomatoes

Grilled tomatoes

I bought a George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill for $50 at Costco last summer.  It was on sale.  I couldn’t pass it up.   I can grill all year round.  The grill is stored in a closet next to my kitchen and when I am ready to grill, I just take it out and place it on my kitchen counter during the winter.  And it is easy to clean!  That is the perfect part.  Little mess.  Easy cleanup.  This will be my first full summer to use it as a stand up outdoor grill.

When I grill tomatoes, I add it as a topping on homemade French bread with olive oil and grated parmesan cheese (with a lovely full-bodied red wine) and a side salad.  This is a simple and perfect dinner for me.  I add to salads, pasta dishes and much more.  Grill or roasted tomatoes are the best way to go.

Over the weekend, I made a pasta dish with my grilled tomatoes with a new product called GoGo Quinoa.  It only takes four minutes to cook and it is gluten free and very tasty.    It is made out of white and red quinoa flour.  It is a great alternative to wheat products.  Check it out and be adventurous!