New Refinished Kitchen, A New Refurbished Look On Life

We have new floors!! Well, refinished floors.  It looks like new.  However, it isn’t the same floor as it was (the color that is).  So, I have to check with the contractor to see where they are in the process of making it look the same.  I’m not sure if we should keep it that way or not.  In any case…This whole project is now allowing me to think differently.  I am in need of an early Spring cleaning.  I didn’t realize how much junk I have.  I love the concept of having clean and clear countertops (I am seeing it now since I had to remove everything from the counters and the cabinets in order for the workers to do their job in the kitchen area).  I love less clutter.  I think and cook better when there is less to see in the area where I work.  I intend to keep it this way. 

So, all the junk I had to take out of the kitchen is now located in the living room and dining room. You should see it…clutter every where.  When the workers are completed, I will only return things into the kitchen cabinets that are needed.  If I haven’t used it, I should get rid of it.  Matter-a-fact, I’m using this same concept for the rest of my house.  It wasn’t just the lower level that was being treated; our master bathroom was treated with a new floor too.  Dust is up there too!  So a good “refurbishing” is needed throughout the house and the garage (We still have big boxes from Christmas in the garage.  I have stuff that I have never used in the garage that needs to be tossed). 

It’s time to clear the head; to get down to business of taking better care of things.  In this economy, it becomes necessary to take care of the things you have and to be creative with it.  No one can afford to waste…waste food, waste money or waste the luxuries you currently have. 

When you clean it up, it is as good as new.  You know…when you buy something new, you love it so much until it becomes old (or in many cases, a new thing supplants the old and the old is no longer appealing). The “new” new is the refurbished new.  It’s cheaper and you get to make the old look new again.  I think this is a win-win for both you and your pocketbook.