Old Hand At Diabetes Care

It has been almost three weeks since school started and when my son, 13, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What a way to start the year?! We’ve graduated from taking insulin on a prescribed regimen (including overnights) per his doctor and counting carbs to the penny to estimating the carbs based on his activity level and omitting the overnight glucose testing. It is amazing how “old hand” it has become for the entire family. No one feels sad or mad or anything…it is just a blimp on the screen for him and for us. Life goes on…with the exception that we must plan most things involving food—as it should be! Because he is an athlete, our issue has been low glucose levels. My son sometimes doesn’t realize when he has low glucose levels (sugar levels less than 80) when he is active. He is in a “zone” where everything is fun and he is focused—not a good place to be when you have diabetes. He and I talk about being aware of how he feels before doing any activity. To be safe, I always recommend that he takes his glucose levels before eating or exercising. By knowing his levels, he knows if he needs to load up on carbs (without insulin) or “correct” for the carbs he is about to eat when glucose levels are too high.

Basketball season will be coming up soon. This will be another stage in our learning process.