I Got My Freekeh On!

FREEKEH Freekeh refers to a process rather than a type of grain. They are immature green wheat kernels that have been smoked. They are chewier than other wheat berries, with a […]

I Love Tomatoes

Grilled tomatoes I bought a George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill for $50 at Costco last summer.  It was on sale.  I couldn’t pass it up.   I can grill all year round.  […]

Pizza Pizza Pizza

I’ve been making my own pizza for years now.  Whenever someone wants to go out for pizza or order one, I am always reluctant because it literally costs a few […]

Prom Day

This is the morning of Prom Night for my daughter.  Nineteen young people—some with dates, most without—are coming to our house for dinner before the Prom.  These are young women […]