Presidential Race 2012

obama2012Fifteen more days and it will be all over.  Whew!! The Presidential election 2012 has been going on for the past two years; or, at least, it feels that way.  For full disclosure…I am an Obama fan. I support him for number of reasons:  I believe the US economy is best when there is a full middle class and I believe he works hard for middle class values.  I also believe that President Obama understands the struggles of the average American because he lived it too.   I support him for his stance on education.  He believes as I do that everyone should have a shot at a good education and he is doing all he can to make that happen.  I support him because he has a inclusive agenda:  he supports women (married and single), men, minorities, straight and gay, able and disable; he believes that the American dream is available to all Americans not just a few.

President Obama represents the United States very well when he travels internationally.  He is the stark opposite of our previous President.  I also support him because he is smart, even-tempered and (it is just an added advantage) he is very handsome.  I support President Obama because he is married to a smart, articulate and well-educated woman, Michelle.  The both of them have raised lovely children too.   What a package?!!

With all that said, I believe in the democratic process in civic debate on the issues.  I believe that every American has the right to vote for whomever they feel is right for the position.  For me, it is a honor and a privilege to vote.  I believe that casting a vote–my vote, counts.  Apathy doesn’t exist for me no matter the personal economics of it all.  Whether in good or bad economic times, voting is a powerful tool to get your “voice” heard.  Take part in the discussion, become informed on the issues (watch tonight’s debate on foreign policy, for example), choose a candidate and vote.  As President Obama says, “don’t boo, vote”.  I can’t agree more.

When I vote, I will vote for the candidate who I believe is best for all Americans.  In this case, I believe that President Barack Obama should be re-elected.