Prom Day

This is the morning of Prom Night for my daughter.  Nineteen young people—some with dates, most without—are coming to our house for dinner before the Prom.  These are young women who decided that they were going to their Prom and have a good time even without a date!  That is exactly what I did for my Prom even though I had a boyfriend at the time.  He was being particularly stupid and I wanted to go and I did with my girlfriends.  The funny thing about my Prom is that the only thing I remember was that I had a good time.  There was no drama.  There were no issues (for me) about drinking and driving because I wasn’t into that.  The specifics…I wish I remembered.  I wish I remembered what I wore; the preparations for the Prom—the hair, the makeup, etc.  Why don’t I remember that?  I just know that I had a good time and I was with my best friends! 

It will be different for my daughter as I am with her the entire time about almost everything.  The hair, the makeup, the nails, the food preparation (I am making lasagna and spaghetti and French bread for dinner.  The ladies are bringing other side dishes and dessert) and the Hummer stretched limo for 22 people.  The details have been discussed, examined and executed up to the day of the event.  She and her friends are most excited!  What a day it is going to be!  Although I have made a few things for dinner, it is truly their party and their evening to remember!