Take Heart In The Simple Things

I find myself talking about food a lot.  Just ask my friends.  I get excited about the simplest things.  I love how froth foams when I make Lattes.  I love the smell and the look of bread when it is done baking in the oven.  It’s a little heaven right in my kitchen.  I can embrace this because I can remember how hard it was (not too long ago) to just follow a simple recipe for a box cake.  Amazing what a little patience, time and simple enjoyment can make in a life time!

In a time where it can sometimes be difficult to find peace, joy and fulfillment, it is the simple life choices that takes you over the top and makes you feel good all over.  Embrace the simple things that makes you happy.  Do it everyday.  But in everything, be mindful and have balance. You and those who love you will be better for it.