Taking Pleasure In The Simple–Chicken Stock

It is amazing..I got excited about a chicken yesterday.  I had read an article in “ShopSmart”, a Consumer Reports magazine on shopping, about what to do with the carcass of a rotisserie chicken.  Their suggestion was to make chicken stock.  I never did that before.  Actually…I always wanted to but never took the time because I thought it was too much work.  It was very simple.  Their suggestion was to add celery stalks and leaves, garlic cloves, carrots and leftover herbs and cover with water. Then simmer it for about an hour and strain.  Voila, fresh chicken stock.  I did all that.  Matter-a-fact, I had roasted the chicken with dried herbs and fresh garlic (it smelled heavenly) and sprayed olive oil flavored Pam on the chicken.  Once it was done, I had all this wonderful juice from the chicken.  So, I used the juice of the chicken to cook rice (I made rice pilaf).  That was very tasty too.  From the chicken, I made my rice pilaf and chicken stock.  Today, I will use the left over chicken and the stock to make chicken noodle soup. 

I find it so gratifying to have pleasure in the simple!