Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving this year will be different.  We won’t be spending time with my sister and brother-in-law as they will be going south to visit her mother and sisters as a birthday gift.  My sister-in-law’s birthday is during the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, her husband surprised her with a ticket to see her family.  What a nice gift!!  I know that my daughter was disappointed when I told her that her aunt and uncle would not be in town for Thanksgiving; she was too accustomed to the annual Thanksgiving ritual. On Thanksgiving Eve, she spends the night over my sister and brother-in-law’s house to help prepare certain side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.  My daughter loves the attention and fact that she learns how to cook her favorite dishes for the family meal.  It is also a great opportunity for the aunt and uncle to get to know their niece better. 

We will be spending Thanksgiving dinner with friends;the great potluck . I love that!  I remember when I was in college and I didn’t have enough money to go back home for Thanksgiving, I would spend Thanksgiving dinner with friends.  During those days, I didn’t know how to cook (I barely knew how to boil water).  I probably bought something from the store.  I don’t remember what I contributed.  But, I do remember that I learned how to make jello pie .  I thought that was a great dessert!

This year, we have invited several couples over for dinner. I haven’t designed the menu yet.  I’m awaiting to hear from others what they will be bringing for the meal. I know for sure that we will have a fried turkey.  I only had that once and it was tasty!!!!  Another couple will be bringing down home macroni and cheese. 

I will probably make roasted green beans and potatoes, roast pork (I’m thinking about roasting a chicken too.  It maybe too much), and rice pilaf.  I will bake a banana bread cake and home made ice cream.

I should make a jello pie….