Thanksgiving Is Here, Let the Festivities Begin!

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I have had my turkey thawing for a week.  I’ve taken my blanced collard greens out of the freezer (I grew them over the summer. They are very tasty.  I made a portion of them during the summer. They are very organic.).   I will make homemade mac and cheese and dressing as side dishes and dinner rolls.  I don’t make my own cranberry sauce.  I buy it.  It was on sale for 98 cents.  My kids like it.

We are having dinner with friends.  I was told not to bring anything as my friend’s mother is preparing dinner for over 20 people.  I can’t imagine not bringing anything.  So, I will probably bring bread.

I make dinner at home no matter if we are invited to a family and/or friend’s home.  I like the smell of Thanksgiving.  Most importantly, I like leftovers.  I don’t have to cook for several days.  There are a lot of meals that can be created using Thanksgiving dishes.  I’ve gotten better over the years.  I look forward to the turkey tacos, sandwiches, turkey and rice dishes and a host of others.  If you have any recipes, pass them on. I will share them with others.

For the first time, my daughter and I will go shopping during black Friday.  We are not necessarily there for spending (you need money for that) but for the experience of saying we were there (at least once).  She is 15 years old and like to shop and is very excited about doing it.  I hope it is as fun as it is projected on tv.