The Adventure of Creative Meals From Leftovers

Planning meals is a chore. Or so I thought. Planning is a ritual and a discipline. It is a means to keeping peace in your life through organization. There is no drama in planning; there is only more time to do, to think, to play, to work and to plan some more.

I know that this speaks truth to me. It is the “doing” that I fight every day. It is my personal mindset that gets in the way towards my success. I associate planning with boredom. I want excitement (like I see on the Food Network). I want the process of food making to be adventuresome. I want to cook how I feel on that day. Planning meals doesn’t allow that pleasure for me. The only problem with being adventuresome in my food making is that is doesn’t take into consideration the daily hectic schedule of a family of four (especially during the school year). I’ve learned that I’ve created more stress in my life by not planning.

The adventure for me will come from creating meals from leftovers.

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