The Chill In the Air

I feel the chill in the air.  Time for soups, chili’s!!  I love black bean soup, split pea soup…actually (almost) any bean soup I adore.  My family, on the other hand, would prefer less beans and more meat (or something else).  I want to try the Tortilla Soup.  It sounds yummy.  I think everyone in my family would love it. 

I keep can and bag beans in my cubbard.  It is time to fully use them.  Whole wheat pasta is a staple too.  Both would do well in any soup dish that I make.  Of course, I have more than enough seasonings.  My goal is to add more vegetables (fresh or frozen) to my meals and to use other sources of protein (like beans).  This would not only be healthy for my family but it will also save money.  I’ll keep you informed.

Check out this link for more tips:

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