The Final Debate

barack obama3The last debate is over and the verdict is (drums please): Obama won the debate on foreign policy.  But wait a minute….Governor Romney wins too?  How that happen?  Well, according to the pundits, Romney only needed to look presidential and not make any major gaffs while doing so.  It was apparent that President Obama ruled the day on substance and he looked presidential but somehow his performance wasn’t a game changer (according to pundits)and probably wouldn’t change the minds of some of the undecided voters (if there are any).  As a result of this debate, it just proved that the race is tighter (again, according to the pundits).  OMG!!!!!!!

I am not surprised.  The debates, in my opinion, are used to help those “undecided voters” who have not paid close attention to the race to gain insight on the candidates.  In this kind of race where there is 24/7 news and TV and radio ads, I don’t believe that there could possibly be “undecided voters”.  Unless a person does not have a radio, TV, cable, a mobile/handheld device, and he/she lives in a cave secluded from the outside world maybe this could be possible.  Undecided voters…really?  Everyone has opinion unless they absolutely do not care or do not feel their vote counts.  In that case, there could be undecided voters.

I am absolutely disappointed that a candidate like Gov. Romney can sit there and agree with President Obama on almost everything on foreign affairs despite what he said during the Republican primary and showcase how little he knows about foreign policy and come out of the debate a winner….it baffles me.  It proves that candidates like him count on voters to be ignorant on the issues.  It is very offensive to me. 

Everyone is concerned about the economy as I am.  But, let me tell you…it will only take something to happen in another part of the world to affect our bottom line.  We need a President that has a grasp on foreign policy.  Last night’s debate proved that it isn’t Gov. Romney who should be President.   For those who care about our country, vote.  Vote for President Obama for re-election!