The First Day of School And Other Thoughts

Well, the first day of school came and gone.  Everything seem to go well without any problems.  Although the elementary school bus was late and I had to take my son and his friend to school.  We had only 5 minutes before it was time for school to start.  My son hates to be late (a great quality, I might add). 

I was ready for school to start. It wasn’t because I wanted to be away for the children; I was tired of making three meals a day.  Summer can be fun but children (and husband) still need to be fed.  It seem as though I was always in the kitchen.  Our schedules were busy with traveling basketball and swimming (of course, I had to pack lunches for the long swim meets and basketball tournaments–I didn’t want to pay money for something I could create on my own).  I didn’t take time for myself as I should.  I didn’t run or go to a class at the YMCA.  I gained 10 pounds over the summer.  I looked into the mirror and saw the “real” me.  It wasn’t too pleasant.  So, my effort now is to find a way to incorporate my love for cooking and exercise. 

The way I cook requires time since I make most things from scratch.  Mornings seem the best time for me to cook for the day.  But that time of day is best for me to exercise.  I need to rearrange my schedule to accommodate my first priority which is to get in shape.  I don’t want to become an obese “home chef”.  I want to remain healthy and (quite frankly) I want to look good.  When you can’t fit your clothes and your thighs are rubbing against each other that is the time to be honest with yourself.  Hiding from the truth doesn’t cure the problem; it only adds to it.  Because I am an older parent, it is important to me to be active. I want to be a fully engaged parent as my children get older.  I am a better parent when I make health my first priority. 

To stay healthy means that I exercise a minimum of an hour a day. I choose healthy options and watch my portions.  I must remain positive and stay around people who are positive.  I need to be conscious at all times of  choices I make including my time, energy and food options.  If I am disciplined enough to do all of this, I will be successful.  I will see in real time the person am I.