The Lesson Learned In The Kitchen

Doing the dishes wasn’t always a big issue until it became one. I realized that I have spent a lot of time preparing and cooking meals. And before I could begin, I had to clean the kitchen (you know…I clean as I go. I like to see the beauty of the kitchen while cooking. Some meals can get pretty messy. In the end (by cleaning), I want to be inspired to cook again tomorrow–or so my thoughts go…). There’s nothing more distasteful for me than to end my cooking experience with a mess. No wonder so many people do not like to cook; they associate cooking with cleaning too much. If you clean as you go, you will have a better experience! I truly believe this. Until…I learned that my family wasn’t doing enough to help.

I was cooking, serving and cleaning (with love, of course). I was in the kitchen too much (can you believe it!!). I had hints of resentment (another reason why I think some people do not like to cook). My family was waiting for me to cook for them. The same refrigerator that I opened they opened and they saw nothing. I saw plenty but I was willing to invest the time to cook and they weren’t. I also realized that no one knew where things were in the kitchen (a bad sign that I was not teaching them well!). So, I decided (small steps count) to make it my children’s job to unload the dishwasher and to place any dishes/pots left in the sink into the dishwasher to clean. If it wasn’t done the night before, the dishes would still remain in the sink into the morning. Now, this is hard for a person like me who likes the kitchen clean before going to bed. I had to make a comitment to not do their job and I did it!!!! There wasn’t a fuss. They collaborated and got the job done. I felt so good and less stressed!

I love to cook and serve my family and friends.  I want to continue to enjoy it.  For this to happen, delegation of rountine chores like dishes must be done.  Hopefully, my children (and husband) will appreciate the effort it takes to create a meal for the family. 

So, the lesson learned was to “decide” to do, commit to your decision and action will follow. Now, the real lesson will come when I have done it for 30 days consecutively. No excuses. Time will tell.