The Little Leak That Could…

This isn’t my kitchen but I am currently undergoing a restoration in my house.  It started with a leak coming from my cabinets.  Later to find out that it was a “slow” leak from my master bathroom toilet to my kitchen cabinets.  Those little drip, drip, drips can really ruin a lot of things.  To make a long story short, construction workers are in my house replacing the linoleum in my master bathroom, refinishing my hard wood floors on the lower level of my house, and tearing down and replacing the damaged cabinets, painting the ceiling and walls; torn down my borders in my kitchen and family room (an open area to the kitchen).  It is a mess. This is all covered by our insurance, of course. But it is truly an inconvience.   I haven’t done much cooking–that’s okay.  However, the house is a mess!!!!!!! We are eating and living in our basement area (which is finished).  During the early hours of the day and evening  and all day on weekends, we have access to the kitchen (it has limited use because the lighting is not good because they have detached most of the lighting fixtures).  So, now the basement has become the area where things are left.  Of course, this is driving me crazy.  I’ve been good though.  My family members are responsible for returning all used dishes and silverware to the dish washer in the kitchen.  If isn’t done, the basement quickly becomes a greater mess.

There is so much you can do when you are already living in chaos.