Time To Vote

Time to vote

  It is Election Day.  YIPPE!  It will all be over soon. I love when citizens are engaged in the political process. It doesn’t matter what their party affiliation.  However, I can do without the name calling by hard-nose surrogates and the flip flopping—well, there is only one candidate who shines in that arena—Romney.  I would like to recommend that there be a “fact checking” agency that would ensure the accuracy of political ads of candidates (on both sides—locally and nationally) before they are aired on TV, radio, cable, mailings, online, on gaming systems–anywhere citizens would see or hear an ad.  I think this would help provide a more informed electorate.  So, when there are “undecided voters” and they see an ad and watch the debates, they can determine on their own if a candidate is lying, expanding the truth or changing policy positions.  This will determine in the minds of the informed electorate the character of the candidate. 

I would also like to recommend that November 6 become a national holiday.  It would be the day that everyone will have no excuse to (not) vote in an election. When there is no election, we would take the opportunity to celebrate the democratic process by providing educational opportunities for our citizens to learn about voting, the importance of voting and the Electoral College, just to name a few.  This holiday would be like an early 4th of July celebration but with an education component. 

I also believe that state governors should make every arrangement to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote.  Create early voting, expand the days/weeks and times for early voting—whatever it takes to make sure every citizen in the state votes.  Don’t make it complicated!

What bothers me most about the voting process is that candidates know that most people in the United States are not paying attention to the process; candidates are counting on uninformed people to vote.  People start paying attention when the debates begin.  By that time, candidates may have (in most cases—it is especially true for Governor Romney) changed policy positions from the primary elections to a different  stance on the issues during the general elections.  Candidates know that they would not be “hired” by most Americans for extreme positions during the general elections.  This should not be tolerated!

I know that this may only be a fantasy.  But, what I do know, not voting is not an option. Voting—everyone voting—provides the voice of the people.  GO VOTE!